Thank you for all the help, excellent customer service if you don't mind me saying

  • Robert Oden
  • Conquest Graphics

Katie is a very understanding and professional rep and will be a pleasure to do business with. Thanks. Ben

  • Ben Adler
  • BEA Promo

Unique Expressions, LLC has had the pleasure of working with Universal Promo on several projects. We have been very satisfied with the customer service received and the quality of merchandise purchased. Thanks for fulfilling our needs and we look forward to doing future business!

  • Beverly Bantom
  • Unique Expressions, LLC

While many companies pay lip service, some companies go to greater lengths to serve their customer base or create one. This is such a case that I recently experienced with UniversalPromo, Inc. They first made contact with my company and after a brief few minutes on the telephone, I told them that I did not have anything for them, but perhaps I could investigate a possibility. I really did not secure much hope of this happening. A week later, I received a telephone call from a pharmacy and a potential client. At this point, I could not remember UniversalPromo, Inc.'s name, as I did not write it down. And here is where life gets interesting, they telephoned the next day. Did they have some sort of premonition? In any event, I blocked off some time to work with them on the telephone while they taught me how their website worked. In doing so, they found a few items that the pharmacy may be interested in branding their name and handing out. They continued to telephone to see if I needed any more help. They sent several samples without charge. A few days later, now armed with the samples and a printout of the catalog page, I made contact with the pharmacy for an afternoon appointment. The pharmacy was quite happy in the sample selection and placed a nice beginning order. Once I had sent the artwork via e-mail and filled out the credit application, I felt that the order would go as most orders generally go-ship, collect and send payment; should one be lucky- few challenges. Well unfortunately, this was not to be the case. As a new pharmacy, their logo, newly developed, was a bit tricky and challenges from the software came about almost immediately. However, UniversalPromo, Inc. art department stepped up to the plate n a lot of fine detail, which was over my head in terms of the language. After many e-mails, I gave permission to the factory to contact the client directly as that would be better that a third party getting the information wrong from the second party. Finally, after the final wrap-up, the client liked the completed product. In all likelihood will reorder additional items from UniversalPromo, Inc., Inc. line. Therefore, thanks go to UniversalPromo,Inc., and the art department for an exceptionally good job and client relationship between the supplier and distributor. My hat is off to UniversalPromo,Inc. for a job well done.

  • Edward J Hawking, CAS
  • Global Advertising

I have ordered Magnets from UP Line many times and they have always provided great product and met our need dates! I recommend them to all my Distributor friends.

  • Dan Perdue
  • Spartan Promotional Group

Recently I placed a small order with your company for pill boxes. I want to bring to your attention the great customer service I received. Everyone was professional, diligent, courteous and above all else, pleasant. In an industry where customer service is a lost art, it was superb. Due to the work and attitude of your personnel, your company has found a new client. You will be our preferred supplier for pill boxes and other product you provide. Thank you.

  • Ajay Savan
  • Unique Creations

Last year a client of ours requested a large order of product I was unfamiliar with. The product was an imprinted medicine spoon. After research, I had found UniversalPromo, Inc.. Your team was very professional and helpful with educating me on the item I had been looking for. You constantly updated me as the order was being worked, and this gave me great confidence in the type of company I was working with. This order turned out great! My customer was very happy with their spoons. I was happy with the spoons. I was happier knowing that we have people in this industry that still go the extra mile from the start of the project until after completion of the order. Great job!

  • Jason Michaud
  • Ted Michaud & Associates

I would like to commend UniversalPromo, Inc. for a job well done. Katie as well as the rest of the staff is very friendly, professional and efficient. I have always been extremely pleased with how quick they were in getting my order to my customer. I look forward to working with Katie and the rest of the staff at UniversalPromo, Inc., Inc. on many more jobs. I highly recommend using this company!

  • Andrea Anepete
  • President of Ad-Vision Promotions, Inc.

We've worked with UPLine for many years now and their attention to detail and the professional service we receive are why we keep coming back. Production is accomplished accurately and on time. New ideas are welcomed. An all around good company to work with and highly recommended.

  • Marc F. Silver, President
  • The Ad Answer

I have been purchasing large volumes of UPLines clear medicine spoons since 2007. They always work very closely with me on this project and constantly give me updates so I do not have to worry about this order. Working with UPLine assures me that once they have an order I do not have to worry about anything. When I call them I always get my sales representative I never have to wait for a call back which saves lots of time.

  • Joanne Streeter
  • Mortons Marketing Resources
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